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Missionaries saw any kind of tribal jewellery as an indication of the wearer’s devotion to paganism. Thus many tribal designs have been misplaced forever in the mass conversion to Christianity. Among the Aztecs, solely the Aristocracy wore gold jewelry, as it confirmed their rank, power Jewelry, and wealth. Gold jewellery was commonest in the Aztec Empire and was often adorned with feathers from Quetzal birds and others. In common, the extra jewellery an Aztec noble wore, the higher his status or status.

  • Our unique collection of necklaces and jewelry is created from wooden, glass, lapis beads, leather, ribbon, and a combination of various parts.
  • The Eastern successor of the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, continued lots of the methods of the Romans, although religious themes came to predominate.
  • This type represents the 5 fingers of the hand and is historically believed both by