The Champagne Wine Region—A Short Guide

Champagne is synonymous with parties and celebrations. A bottle of champagne, with its characteristic sparkling and infamous bubbles, has become basically a requirement at any awards ceremony or competition finale.

But what gives Champagne its attributes? Why is it so iconic with celebrations and victory? To answer those questions, look no further than the place where they come from—the wine district of Champagne, northern France.

More Than Just a Type of Wine

Champagne shares the name of the historical district in northeastern France where it is exclusively made. This is where all the vineyards that grow the grapes used, and the wineries that process them are located. International law prevents any other wine made anywhere else from bearing the name champagne.

It’s All in The Grapes

Three kinds of grapes are the predominant type grown in the vineyards that cover over 33,000 hectares of Champagne. They are Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, …