Winter Break Destination Ideas for Travelers Looking to Escape the Cold

During the winter break, everyone looks to avoid the cold weather with an escape to a place that is free of all the snow and the chilly winds. If you live in the northern hemisphere, there is a 90% chance you wouldn’t want to spend your winter break at your home. Even when it is snowing multiple times a day and the water is freezing the pipes at your place, there are several places in the world that offer a warm and pleasant escape from the cold and allow you to enjoy your winter break.

Why would you want to stay in your house for the whole day, sitting in front of a fire, watching movies with nothing else to do, when you can be lying on a beach somewhere, sipping your favorite drink and living your best life? There are numerous well-known tourist spots all around the globe that you can visit during winter and get away from the freezing weather. When it comes to the flights to such places, in order to get the best rates without any hassle, book your tickets through Cathay Pacific.

Below, we have mentioned some of the best places that you can visit during the winter break to escape the cold and make the most out of your free time.

  1. Cebu, Philippines

Located in the Cebu province of the Philippines, the City of Cebu is a great escape during the winters. Boasting a mild temperature throughout the year, the city has attracted many tourists because of its moderate climate and vast options of tourist attractions.

The average temperature ranges from 92.3 °F to 75.0 °F during the month of January and 93.2 °F to 75.7 °F during December, which shows that it has the perfect climate for the winters. Hundreds of thousands of tourists visit Cebu every year because of its rich cultural history, architecture, and infrastructure. Among other attractions. Fort San Pedro, Cebu Taoist Temple,

Magellan’s Cross, and the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral are some of the many unique places in the city. If you want to visit a place with a rich history and a moderate climate during the winter, Cebu is the perfect place for you. To book your flights to Cebu, you can use Cathay Pacific and get the best service without any inconvenience.

  1. Penang, Malaysia

One of the most famous tourist destinations in the world, Penang, Malaysia, is the perfect place to be in the winter. Full of culture, the city fully showcases both the colonial and Chinese history of the country; it is nothing short of heaven for anyone looking to explore unique art.

With winter temperatures between 89 and 75 degrees, the city offers an escape from the chilly weather of the north, allowing you to enjoy your winter vacations like never before.

On top of this, Penang is known for its street food, making it the perfect winter getaway for someone looking to satisfy their gastronomic desires.

  1. Mauritius

With an average winter high of 85 degrees and a low of 73 degrees, Mauritius is another place where you can enjoy your winters while lying on the sandy beaches. The island is full of tourist attractions; over 1 million tourists visit the country every year because of its tropical beaches and welcoming natives known for their hospitality.

Aapravasi Ghat and Le Morne Cultural Landscape are two historical sites in Mauritius that have made it to the UNESCO World Heritage SItes list. Black River Gorges National Park is another that you should visit on your visit to the island.

  1. Madeira, Portugal

Located in Europe, this Portuguese island is the ideal place to visit if you want to stay within the west and do not want to undertake a long journey. Its sandy beaches and natural landscape have left tourists mesmerized. Cabo Girao is a place that is a must-visit for anyone who comes to Madeira. You can also find a number of luxury hotels here that will provide you with the ultimate comfort.

The temperatures in the winters do not fall below 56 degrees. On top of all this, if you are a sports fan, you can visit the football museum dedicated to Cristiano Ronaldo, the Madeira-born superstar, who has accomplished everything on the football field.

  1. Thailand

Another destination situated in East Asia, Thailand, is the place for you if you want to party your way through the winter and not care about the chilly weather. Of all the places in the country, Phuket is where you should spend most of your break.

It is full of resorts and unique bungalows that you can rent and live at without worrying about anything. You can enjoy the beaches of the island and explore the natural beauty while having the time of your life and partying your heart out.

  1. Hawaii

No list of winter escapes is complete without a mention of Hawaii; located in the Pacific ocean, this US territory has a tropical temperature, which varies between 80 and 75 degrees. It is one of the warmest places in the United States during the winters; if you are from the States and do not want to go to any place that is too far away then Hawaii is where you should be headed. It is full of nature and sandy beaches that make it the place to be during the winters.

  1. The Caribbean

The Caribbean is also among a list of places you can visit during the winters without having to fly too far away. Punta Cana has become one of the best tourist destinations because of its affordable rates and white sand beaches, the likes of which are not found anywhere else.

Additionally, the street art and the unique culture gets to you and leaves a part of it inside you when you return. There are several historic places that you can visit as well, making it the complete package.

  1. Morocco

The African country is too hot to visit in the summers; however, during the winters, the weather is perfect in Morocco. You can visit it to explore the history of the place along with the Sahara desert and other unique places that it has to offer. The beaches of Morocco are also worth visiting if you love watching the sun set over the horizon.