5 Ways to Store Your Money Safely

You can imagine and feel, what if you lost the money that you brought in during the vacation. Was it an unexpected event, wasn’t it? There are ways to save money when you are on vacation abroad. Check out the following explanation!

  • Use of cards and cash limit
    Using the card while on vacation is extremely dangerous and increases your chances of being spoiled. But from a security point of view, if you carry cash in your wallet and the wallet is stolen or dropped, you will lose all of your vacation money.
    On the other hand, if it turns out that your card has been stolen by someone else, you can immediately block the card, whether credit or debit card. Therefore, the best approach is to carry enough cash and use a card with the budget restrictions that you previously arranged. You don’t need to bring all the cards you have, just one debit card and one credit card.
  • Record all card details and contact who can be contacted
    If you find that your card has been lost during the holidays, you must of course inform the bank immediately. The sooner you report, the better. To help save as much time as possible, write down the phone numbers and card numbers you have on hand.
    Store this information in a different location than where you stored the card. For example, you can save the data to your mobile phone or laptop. You can also send itinerary and important information to a trusted family or friend.
  • Avoid remote ATMs
    Remote locations are prone to crime and this provides an opportunity for thieves to steal your money and valuables. Not only that, it is possible that the ATM is a rogue ATM machine. If you want to use an automated teller machine, choose one located inside a hotel, airport, or bank.
    Plus, the time you take in the money has a huge impact. Avoid withdrawing funds in the middle of the night or early in the morning. Withdraw your money during rush hour to avoid theft.
  • Don’t issue criticism frequently
    Even though you are on vacation, this does not mean that you are not awake. When dining, shopping, or sightseeing, never spend more than you should pay cash. The more crowded the place, the more careful you should be. Withdrawing cash like this can attract people’s attention and drive crime.
    Organize your balance before you go out and carry only the money you need for this day.
  • Always secure your devices with keywords
    Smartphones can be used to store all data, even your bank account data. To prevent this data from falling into the hands of criminals, always remember to lock your devices with a password. You can also set an automatic lockout if there is no activity for a minute or two.