8 Important Things to Prepare Before Going Abroad

Planning to go abroad? what things must be prepared? If you forget these 8 things on a trip abroad, it will be chaotic for you

1.      Passport

Passport is the most important thing to accompany your trip while abroad. Without your passport you will not be allowed to enter. It is important for you to bring your passport with you. Get a passport at the immigration office. Instructions for making a passport are at this link.

2.      Ample Money Exchange

No need to exchange too much rupiah in foreign currency. Exchange your rupiah currency sufficiently. Traveling with large amounts of cash is very risky. You will be the center of attention of naughty hands.

3.      Visa

Many countries in the world still impose mandatory visas for Indonesian citizens. If you need a state visitor visa, you should prepare it in advance. It is fortunate if the country you are visiting is a visa-free country.

4.      Bring an International Adapter

Abroad, things are different from Indonesia. The most trivial thing that people might forget is the adapter. Abroad, each country has a different adapter type. Carrying an international adapter in your backpack will make it easier for you to charge your cell phone, camera, and other gadgets.

5.      SIM Card

Communication is very important. Moreover, you are far from your country of residence. When you get to the airport you are going to, they usually provide a local sim card. Another solution, you can buy a sim card that operates in various worlds, such as those offered by AT&T.

6.      Bring a Credit Card and Debit Card

Traveling abroad with cash in a bag is very dangerous. To anticipate unwanted things, you better bring a credit card and debit card.

Some travelers prefer to keep their debit card at the hotel and carry a credit card with them while they travel. Why? Because when you have to lose your credit card, you can immediately contact your bank. In addition, you can still be calm, because you still have your debit card at the hotel.

7.      Medicines

Visiting a country with a different temperature and weather than our home country often makes the body’s endurance decrease. Not to mention when you suddenly feel tired and sick during the trip. Medication is an important thing that you must take with you.

8.      Learn the Language of the Country You Are Going to

It is true that the international language is English. However, your fluency in English feels a little wasted when you have to communicate with local people who don’t speak English at all.

Learn a little local language. In addition to helping communication, at least greeting them in the local language can bring you closer to the local people there.